Christian’s Springs School

This school originated in the early 1760′s, near Bethlehem, PA. Andreas Albrecht established the gun shop at the Moravian settlement there. The style is strongly Germanic, being true to its origins. The lower profile-line of the butt is straight from the butt toe to the rear end of the trigger-guard. It then breaks upward to form the curve of the wrist. Some rifles if this school were embellished with indigenous and fanciful folk-art.

“Lion & Lamb” with Wooden Patch Box.
This rifle was the winner of Best In Class and Best In Show at the 2005 Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair.

It was built by Mark Wheland using parts donated as follows:
  • Curly maple blank by Allen Martin
  • 62cal. swamped barrel by Getz Barrel Co.
  • Early Germanic flintlock by Jim Chambers
  • Barrel and ramrod channel inlet by Fred Miller
It was auctioned at the CLA Annual Meeting in August of 2006.

Here is a version of the “Lion & Lamb” rifle with a Brass Patchbox.