Berks/Womelsdorf School

This school originated in the late 1760′s. Two gunsmiths of this school, John Bonewitz (working between 1779 and 1809) and Leonard Reedy (1800 – 1837) are interesting examples of the style, both decorating their rifles with fabulous raised relief carving and beautifully engraved brass patch boxes.

This is Mark’s Leonard Reedy rifle.

This is Mark Wheland’s  John Bonewitz Swivelbreech rifle.

John Bonewitz Rifle. This is  a bench copy of the first Bonewitz in Joe Kindig’s book, “Thouhts of the Kentucky Rifle in its Golden Age.”  Mark Wheland was fortunate to get to work on the original rifle and while it was in his possession he made this exacting copy.